Compute goal

Find out how much you need to eat in order to reach your goal.

How many calories your body burns in a day while at rest
Total amount of energy your body burns in a day
A measure of body fat based on person's weight and height
Calorie goal
Amount of calories you should eat every day
Weeks until goal is reached
You should reach your goal by

Offlife Diet is designed to help you reach your goals by giving you daily feedback on your progress.

How it works

Offlife Diet is extremely useful if you are serious about bulking or cutting as it provides continuous feedback on your progress.

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1. Set goal

Select your goal weight and we'll calculate your daily calories.

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2. Follow the calorie goal every day

This is the hardest part. Try to eat approximately as many calories as your calorie goal. You can do that on sites such as MyFitnessPal.

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3. Measure weight daily

The more often you do it, the better our recommendations will be. We recommend turning this into a daily ritual - wake up, measure weight and enter it in our application.

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4. Adapt

Our calorie goal recommendation is not perfect - it's more like a guideline. After a couple of weeks, you should know if you are on track, and if not, you can make adjustments.

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Start by setting your first goal

Enter your current and goal weights and select your preferred change rate

You can go on an aggressive diet (eating 30% below or above your TDEE), a normal one (20%) or a conservative one (10%)
01 goal
04 know


We'll calculate how much you need to eat every day

It's up to you to be disciplined enough and actually stick with it

Your calorie goal will adjust as you keep entering your progress every day


Monitor your progress to know if you are on track

We'll calculate a bunch of stats that will show how well you're progressing

03 achieve
05 more stats


We suggest a practical approach to reaching your goals

If you want to lose weight, eat less than your body burns

If you want to gain weight, eat more than your body burns

This is known as CICO - calories in, calories out

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